Sedes Regia

About us

Upholstered furniture manufacturer Sedes Regia begun its activity in 1992 as manufacturer of unit furniture for home

in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. The firm was known as Jurga Design.


“Tangled giant” – an exceptional piece of furniture created in collaboration with Inblum

Unique spaces demand for unique furniture. Therefore, we have produced a new extraordinary sofa Fluff for the international gaming company Melsoft, located in an elliptical-shaped business center k29. Named by the owners the “tangled giant,” this model has been designed by INBLUM architects, the authors of the office interior, inspired by one of Melsoft‘s game characters.


Fluff is a large, soft and tangled sofa. This space-shaping piece of furniture absorbs sound and is ideal for informal meetings or comfortable relaxation.


The sofa is upholstered in natural handmade fabric, reminiscent of a long-haired fur.


Fluff is the new member of the Sedes Regia Standard furniture collection, available in several variations with different colors and

materials for covers – crescent-shaped or straight segmented sofa.